Billet Electronics established in 2007 is a premier global supply chain provider of products, and solutions to the technology companies. Billet was founded by experts from the world of electronics manufacturing services companies with the understanding that the biggest challenge facing technology innovators and their outsourcing partners is to reduce cost, product introduction cycle times, and lead times. We have been at the forefront of nearly every major challenge that has faced this industry and have assisted our clients to keep their production lines moving.  Our strength is built on the foundation of Integrity and trust.


Our Mission

With the rapid changes in technology and fluctuating demands in the market our mission is to continually develop processes to overcome the difficulties to forecast materials demand. We live by the basic ethical principles of honesty, responsibility, accountability, quality, and customer satisfaction. Doing the right thing at all times in all circumstances.

Billet has helped over 500 customers meet their commitments.